Affiliate Titan 3 Review-What Would You Know?

Affiliate Titan 3 Review-What Would You Know?

Recently, there has been an Internet marketing product that attracted my attention. Have you ever heard of “Affiliate Titan”?


Affiliate Titan system claims that it could make you over $10,000 per day in commissions. It also claims that it will help you make money from the most profitable affiliate programs with 100% free traffic and in the shortest amount of time.

Honestly, I did not believe that something this perfect existed in the world of Internet. So I decided to try this product, and was pleasantly surprised.

What Is Affiliate Titan 3.0?

Affiliate Titan 3.0 is a package composed of 6 softwares that are all designed to help users on their affiliate marketing adventures. In addition to the software, the package also comes with a number of training materials, which are mostly in the video form.

I personally found this make the product even more user-friendly, as both I and my colleagues were able to pick up using it after a very short amount of time, especially comparing to lengthy manuals.

This course shares unique methods of making up to millions of dollars in sales on Clickbank, JVZoo, List Building, Info Marketing and Affiliate marketing. In fact, it guides you on how to choose the optimal niches, design sales pages to be more professional and friendly, create your own PR content and much more.

Yes, despite the numerous schemes out there that claim you can make money online quickly and without much work, real/effective affiliate marketing actually takes a lot of tools and work to be successful.

According to the official website for Affiliate Titan 3.0, their software can be hugely beneficial for affiliate marketers in countless ways. There are also numerous claims that you can make 4 digit incomes in just one day, which I believe are incredibly exaggerated.

Who Has Developed Affiliate Titans?

Chris and Ken are the author of Affiliate Titan 3.0. Together, they have had more than 20 years of experience in developing sales platforms, such as T-Shirt Titan 1&2, Video Titan 1&2, and so on. Evidently, the T-Shirt Titans sold over 8,000 units across the funnel with over 100 testimonials while the sales of Video Titans reached over 4,500 units.

And here is how it works…

There are 6 major tools that come with the Affiliate Titan 3.0. Below is a short summary for each tool.

1. Rapid Video Ranker (Video Editing Software)

This software allows even amateur people like me to start producing decent quality promotional videos. It is designed in a way that you can easily edit a video by giving your voice over tools, royalty free music, subtitle tools, and more. I also found that we could integrate sales script into the videos. While we won’t be producing Hollywood level videos, the software is more enough for affiliate marketers.

There’re also different options for you to post your promotional videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media websites to help generate free traffic for the website.

2. King of the Zon (Amazon Product Finder)

Amazon offers one of the most well known affiliate programs out there, but it is too difficult to choose the ideal product as there are numerous new products that appear on the website each day. Not to mention that some types of products have heavy competition.

So, the King of the Zon software sorts through the Amazon products and shows you the top Amazon products that is both new and have low competition. You can further sort through these top 200 products by using the number of filters available on the program.

3. King of the Zoo (JVZoo Product Finder)

This software is just like King of Zon, in the sense that it helps you find the top performing products. However, instead of products from Amazon, you are shown top ranking products from JVZoo.

Once again, you can use King of the Zoo to earn more money from JVZoo’s affiliate program, because the more products people buy from JVZoo using your affiliate link, the more money you will earn.

4. CB250 (ClickBank Product Finder)

ClickBank is another popular affiliate program where you can earn some decent commissions. The software will help you find the products that are best for promoting.

5. One-Click Affiliate (Website Page Builder)

This program gives you the tools you will need to build a SEO friendly promotional page. For me, this is one of the fastest ways to create an affiliate landing page built from campaigns that can make me thousands of dollars.

6. Launch Pulse

Being ahead of the curve is important for any business. With Launch Pulse you are given information on the top products that will be launched in the coming few weeks or so.

Why Does This Software Worth It Cost?

  • First of all, Affiliate Titan 3.0 is more than a great training course, it provides a series of five ultimate softwares. It certainly helps you earn money from marketing and selling the products on JZVoo, Clickbank and popular social networks like Facebook or Youtube. Moreover, it offers a complete solution to promote information of any products you want.

  • Secondly, investing into this platform is low-risk as it provides a 30-day money back guarantee policy. So, it makes me feel that my satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Downside

  • The Affiliate Titan moneymaking method is, well, a little bit crappy. Chris and Ken promote a moneymaking method that is simple in theory, but difficult in execution: it is totally based on an expectation that customers buy your products through the affiliate link so you can get a commission.

    The tactics here is to create short 1-2 minute videos and lace the video’s metadata with keywords, upload it to Youtube, and hope that you get ranked on the top of the page. You’ll see many people on Youtube doing the same process, and they always only have a maximum of 150 views (and I’m assuming a maximum of one person at most would buy it), and the big boy competitors will always outdo these people.

  • The softwares they provide are free tools at a cost. Four of the software are just search tools to help you find affiliate programs to promote, but this process can be done for free using the affiliate vendors such as Clickbank, JVzoo, etc.


According to their website, the Affiliate Titan 3.0 only costs $9.95 right now, which is quite affordable to be honest. However, although the software it offers can be useful, but are certainly not essential for making money online.

In fact, you still lack quite a lot of tools needed to earn money through affiliate marketing.

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