Explaindio Video Creator Review – Need to make a video? – Here’s What to Do

Explaindio Video Creator Review – Need to make a video? – Here’s What to Do

In this article I will tell you what are explaindio video creator and its features. When you need to do a video editing, there is always a need of some expensive machines called video editors; however, in today’s world it is easy to get video editing software for personal computers and workstations.

The main functions of video editing software are converting different file formats, cutting segments, joining multi clips, re-sequencing clips, adjusting the brightness of the video, adding sound, transitions and other special effects.


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What Is Explaindio Video Creator?

Now days we need a video to make our business bright. Videos can catch many hearts. So i was looking to get a best video editor. During that time i was attracted by a professional video. I asked my friend, about the video.

He told me the simplest way to making videos, using Explaindio. I can say this should be the best video editing software available in the market. If you are looking for deeper editing, you should look for the heavyweight software. But if you need the simplest way to make most beautiful videos, you have to take a look at Explaindio.

Explaindio 3.0 is the latest version of the Explaindio video creator. This software has the excellent capacity of creating a lot of professional things. Moreover, the user friendly interface and technical features of this video editing software will easily attract any users around.

Features That Made Me Choose Explaindio Video Creator

1 Themes and Audio Tracks

Explaindio video creator has lots of audio files, and friendly themes to make customized high definition videos. The themes are attractive and are made especially to serve the purpose of giving a professional look.

You can include text in each slide to promote your ideas or slogans. The inventors of this video editing software kept marketing in mind, while they designed the theme, so that videos can attract the visitor easily.

2 The Switching Option In The Interface

The most commended thing about Explaindio is their simplicity in utilizing the interface. You will surely recognize what to do simply taking a gander at it. You needn’t bother with any expert abilities on video editing or experience to work with this product.

What truly will awe you is the changing choices from whiteboard sketch to animation feature with the help of the easy switching. It will give you a chance to invigorate the recordings and include whiteboard sketch in it effectively and give a total proficient yield of your branding and special offers.

You don’t need to take in a great deal to work with Explaindio. With some simple video instructional exercise and simply taking a gander at the product, you will have the capacity to create excellent recordings out of it

3 Animation Made Easy

Most of the users praise about the simple whiteboard sketch option of this software, also many other like the simple animation option.

You cannot expect a very heavy weight advanced animating tools here, which make complicated commercials, but will provide enough and of course easiest options to include some of the effective animation slides into your video to make it more appealing for the viewers.

4 Sample Image and Animation Slides

In Explaindio videos creator, there are 5 different characters packs for making explainer videos in different subjects. Some other slides like the business show and sales letter are for making videos for business and company.

Is It Possible To Make Animation Scenes In Any Possible Subject In Explaindio?

With the Explaindio 3.0 video creating software, you will have various animation slides to make high quality unique videos. There are different niches of videos available with the software. Generally, the number of places is 10.

So, however, what subject you choose, you will have a relevant option for making promotional and advertising videos easily. Also, the animation scenes are easy to imply and customize. So, this software will surely decrease your time in producing creating effective videos.

How Does Explaindio Differ From Other Video Editor?

The main benefits of Explaindio are its excellence in animation and its two different kinetic typography slide packs. These varied slide packs helps in importing them to match your video content instead of manually doodling them. The other features which make Explaindio stand out of the other video editors sold in marke are:

1 200 Pre-Done Animated Scenes

Explaindio allows you to pick your desired scene out of its pack of two hundred pre-done animated scenes, edit it to match your purpose of the video and you can move to include the next. Hence multiple animations can be picked and made to be executed simultaneously.

2. Greater than Camtasia and Photoshop

The most important benefit is even a non-technical person can handle this. It has more benefits than Photoshop and Camtasia anyone can easily use this.

3. Can animate cartoon

Animating a cartoon characters are one of the fantastic features in this software and impress your business very easily with Explaindio.

4. Customization of the 3D Models

Many video editors do not allow much customization on the 3D units. But this Explaindio breaks through the limits for personalising 3D units. It lets the user to customize any feature of the animated 3D character to suit the user’s needs and thereby enhancing the quality of the designed character.

Is There Any Drawbacks?

I have worked with different video editing software and I can clearly see only one lack of Explaindio Video Creator. I did not like the audio tracks of the software. Firstly, most of them were too short to add a full video. Rest everything is awesome.


After reviewing different options and features, Explaindio Video Creator is highly recommended. You will be able to create professional videos within a few hours with some few clicks.

We have also talked about the advanced hand packs and professional video making themes in this Explaindio Review article. If you are looking to improve your business or company, then Explaindio is an incredible boon to you.

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