Octosuite Review – Unleash The Power Of Facebook With Octosuite

Octosuite Review – Unleash The Power Of Facebook With Octosuite

What Is Octosuite?

I was first introduced to Octosuite when I was struggling to find a way to make my Facebook page a more successful one. Having tried several different products, I was a little bit suspicious. Nevertheless, the promise that it will be a robust management and mass automation and engagement platform that will send fan pages and groups viral while removing the need for ever having to post an update again got my hopes up.


And indeed, I was not let down: Octosuite provides everything I needed to manage my social media accounts from a single dashboard through an all-in-one web-based software solution.

More than that, in Octosuite, I was blown away by its viral content search: all you have to do when searching for any viral content on social networks is to simply enter a keyword and wait for the software to return appropriate responses. Octosuite search engine can locate content which has gone viral in the past and most likely will go viral again in the future, and even content which hasn’t gone viral.

Who Has Developed Octosuite?

So, who is the mastermind behind this marvelous product? It turns out Octosuite is the latest product from Luke Maguire and his colleagues. For me, this software is an evolution of Luke’s primitive browser-based application for management and automation of viral content on Facebook or Instagram.

And here is how it works…

Octosuite provides you the capability to quickly find materials in any specific niche from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. It permits you to modify that content and also post it to your Follower Pages and also Facebook groups. Plus it additionally will certainly syndicate it to other social media sites.

For me, it completely fulfilled my needs for having a social networks manager: All of my fan web pages, teams and exterior social media networks were posting the most viral trending materials everyday instantaneously, sending my organic reach through the roof. Soon, my blog posts started to become viral content themselves. Octosuite were able to automate the job that typically would take hours to do, and thus, most significantly, help grow your audience & checking account as soon as possible.

So you may be asking, how does Octosuite make you money? Octosuite will continuously increase your Facebook followers as long as it is running. This means you can keep growing your list that will generate more sales and lots of social traffic to your site. Any site you choose can be on the receiving end of this traffic flow. The system is so easy to use (yes, even for low-tech adults) for getting traffic that it can be implemented by a person new to marketing.

Octosuite’s dual refund guarantee also reassured me when I first got interested in this product: Must you not see any type of results within 30 days of using the software application, they will certainly give you the double amount of refund.

Key Features That Absolutely Were My Favourites:

Fan Page Drip feed and bulk scheduler

This functionality is no doubt one of the most powerful features of Octosuite, ensuring you or your clients fan pages never miss out on an update. Following its three simple steps from choosing your image content and your fan pages to deciding how often you want the next piece of content to be posted, the platform will ensure to exactly schedule your content to any pages you selected.

Octosuite allows you to instantaneously discover one of the most trending and approximately date material from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube.

Once the material has been found, you could promptly modify the material with headlines, logo designs, links or subject lines and post as your own content to all of your pages and groups, not to mention any syndicated social media accounts you have connected.

And with the editor and the free image database (via Pixal Bay), you can find images and quickly add text to create engaging and original posts.

Sync your feed to external social networks

This is another significant feature for me to use this platform. Being very time-saving, this totally removes the complication to upload same content to different social media networks. Just connecting your Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest inside, you can have your material posted to several networks at the same time.

And yes, you can get a free account on IFTTT (but it doesn’t always post as required). With the upgrade Octosuite, the software will post to 5 additional social media accounts posting directly and correctly.

Amongst All Of Those Features, This Is The True Winner For Me

Have you ever want to immediately locate, analyse and mass-register in any follower page or group and post to them all promptly by just one click? If your answer is a yes, this functionality is definitely designed for you!

Bulk posting and scheduling to all of the FB pages and groups, including groups you are not an admin of, has never ever been that easy. Simply select multiple fan pages and groups at once in the drop down and send the content to all of them. There is also a Chrome extension for mass group joining so you can fast-track your applications to gain reach.

The Downside

While the research and bulk scheduler are the huge advantages where they work straight out of the box, I am not sure if it is worth for you getting the syndication, image editor and link cloaker upgrades to get full functionality.

Also, Octosuite platform does not support linking with Instagram accounts (yet) because of scheduling restrictions (which I really hope they fix soon). Hence, you will have to install a third-party applications, such as InstaMate, for that.

The Costs

There are many one time offers that you can choose from

OTO 1: Syndication To Other Networks ($37 – $57)

The first one time offer is an upgrade to syndicate you content to your other social network account on LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest.

OTO 2: VIP Training ($27 – $37)

This is what I tried when I first used Octosuite. Within this training you’ll not only learn everything you need to know to be able to make money using the software. You’ll also be able to go inside on some of Luke’s 6 figure pages and see the exact process he uses to create these income on Autopilot. If you already own Viral Autobots or Instamate and have seen the training there, then you know how valuable Luke’s training is.

OTO 3: Image Editor & Link Cloaker ($47)

With the image editor you are able to edit the images the software found for you. Plus you also can edit your own images. I am personally recommend this offer for you. It’s not a high end editor, but it definitely is a good addon. The affiliate link cloaker is just what is says. it cloaks your affiliate links which you can then use to post on your social networks.

OTO 4: PLR Rights For 10 Accounts ($197 – $247)

I’ve never tried this offer before as it is too expensive for me. With that offer you’ll receive 10 key which allow you to setup Octosuite with your very own logo. Then you can sell access to these 10 accounts to local businesses or any other online business and market it as your own software.


There are other software out there which do post to social media accounts. And most of them include more accounts than Octosuite does. However, Octosuite contains features which I haven’t found in other tools, like the Facebook Group posting.

For Octosuite you only have to pay a one time fee, where the other tools are most of the times either much more expensive or a lot of them are on monthly subscriptions. Based on Octosuite’s features and its low price, I really recommend that you take a closer look at it. It really changed my business for the better, and I really hope that you get the same chance to.


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