OmniWebinars Review – Why Should You Buy It

OmniWebinars Review – Why Should You Buy It

Today, we got a great new app called “OmniWebinars” that you and your subscribers are absolutely going to love. This is an advanced webinar technology that will help your subscribers run 100% live webinars even if they are away on a vacation.


I know there are a bunch of so-called automated webinar softwares out there in the market where they claim that they run live webinars. But if you check them out yourselves, you’ll know they’re just recording videos. This is exactly what makes OmniWebinars better, different and way more powerful.

This software is true live technology and true rec technology. So basically you are going to love promoting this, having said that they got 3,000 in JV Zoo (no minimum, of course), and they are giving away for their launch contest. They got an exceptionally good sale page and some awesome bonuses. Let’s check them out.

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How Does OmniWebinars work?

This is a very cool and efficient app to run webinars for your different offering products. For whatever you’re selling online, you can basically create webinars that look live for your audiences so that you can promote and make sales on Everwin bases.

In details, after purchasing the Omniwebinars software and logging into the app, I immediately noticed that the UX interface is very simple, very user-friendly and very clean. It allows you to run multiple Everwin webinars using only one unique platform. And also you can see how many viewers you have on the webinar, how many of them register, how many of them asked questions, and so on.

On the dashboard, you can see a lot of options like “view your event”, “add an event”, “event statistics” and “help and tutorials”. What surprised me the most was that we could very flexibly and quickly add any new event within just 3 steps, manage when you want the event to start, configure the maximum number of viewers, and decide if the viewers need to register to view your webinar.

If you have concerns about anything with respect to the functionality of the app, you can go to the support tap and reach out the support team without any hesitation. They’re there and waiting for us 24/7.

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Key Features And Benefits

  • The most technologically advanced webinar app available in the market.

  • Turn ANY video into a 100% live-like webinar with just few clicks of your mouse.

  • Rake in thousands in pure profits in a matter of hours with your videos and webinars on complete autopilot and without committing even a single mistake.

  • Brand new TruLive™ technology now makes it possible even for a complete newbie to run a webinar like a pro and bring in thousands just like super affiliates.

  • Transform your videos and recordings into automated cash machines that bring in new leads, more customers and more sales on autopilot.

  • Get more traffic, more leads and make tons of sales even if you are away on a long vacation all automagically.

  • 1-click to broadcast your recordings as 100% live-like webinars to profit like never before.

To be honest, this software enabled amateurs like me to do webinars just like super affiliates and be able to make a fortune in a matter of few hours! And WITHOUT actually going live or being in front of the computer!

Just upload a perfectly edited recorded video or ANY video as a matter of fact and let this app handle the rest – that is bring in money for you literally on autopilot. Doing webinars profitably hasn’t been this easier before. This is the technology you can use to broadcast webinars 7 days a week while making huge profits every single day.

Webinar Jackpot

This 9-part video course is designed to show you exactly how you can quickly and easily get more people to sign up for your webinar! This is extremely important, as without attendees, you won’t have anybody to pitch your offer to. If you want to make the most from OmniWebinars, this is the perfect companion you should have.

Webinar Authority

A step-by-step detailed video training on how to prepare, present, host, and execute a successful webinar! You will learn how to prepare for a webinar including presentation tips to make you better at engaging your audience, tips on camera, microphone choice and more, all leading to making you even more money from your webinars.

Global Countdown

If you’re looking into a solution for creating scarcity for your customers, you’ve found it. Global Countdown is the easiest way to attach countdowns within your emails, in less than a few minutes. If you really want your emails to perform miracles and want maximum signs up for your webinars, then this is the plugin you will need.

Video Focus

This will keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other parts of your page so you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers resulting in more leads and sales for you. With built-in countdown-timer, share button and animation/effect; your pages are bound to get sky-high conversions and engagement.

Back Control App

This is a very nifty yet extremely powerful app that allows you to recapture / monetise your lost traffic by redirecting your visitors to any url (affiliate link etc), when they click the “Back” button in browser. When selling anything online you want to make sure your visitors don’t click away from your offer or sales pages and this app lets you do that exactly.


Front End – $37

OTO1 – The Essential DFY Webinar Deluxe Package – $47

A complete DFY package that will help your customers create their first profitable webinar easier and at least 10x faster. This package includes, fill-in-the-blanks webinar slides templates, webinar registration page templates, and email sequence for maximum signs ups, a follow up sequence for replays and to make even more sales and a lot more.

OTO2 – Pitchmaker – $67 lifetime

Pitchmaker is one of the flagship products and with the Webinar Edition, the customers and subscribers can create a ready-to-record, ready-to-broadcast high-converting webinar scripts in 5 minutes or less. They also give full, unrestricted access to all the other frameworks inside Pitchmaker including VSL framework, social video ads framework and a lot more.


Simply the whole package deal that you’re going to love. It is simple, it is easy to use, and it is very powerful because it allows you to have Everwin webinars that can generate money for you.

My Bonus

1/Chiang Mai – SEO Conference 2017 Recordings

2/Mr. X – SEO Whitehat Link Building

3/Semantic Mastery – Battle Plan SEO Domination

4/Joshua Earp – SEO Mastery Course

How To Claim My Bonus

  • ​Step 1: Buy this product at here
  • Step2: Send proof to via my email
  • Step 3: Wait 24 hour , you will recieve it

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