Reseller’s Academy Review – All You Need To Know

Reseller’s Academy Review – All You Need To Know

For most new marketers, the biggest challenge is getting website traffic. Plus, even if you manage to get traffic, it can be a struggle to get your pages to convert. That’s why when someone comes along with an easy to follow method that just works, I’m very happy to recommend it.


What I want to show you guys right now is a new platform for marketers to earn their income online – Reseller’s Academy.

This is a complete step-by-step plan that anybody can start implementing TODAY. Reseller’s Academy offers its users a no-nonsense, step-by-step formula which has been proven to work time after time, with no need to create their own products and no need for prior experience.

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What Is Reseller’s Academy?

In short, Reseller’s Academy is the ultimate reseller-training course for anyone who wants to learn how to become a successful online reseller.

Well, it is an up-to-date training showing you how to do resell rights and make money with it. Put together by Andy and Alex, there is a lot of stuff in here with video explanations to show you exactly how to do it.

The course includes 10 comprehensive modules, which walk you through every step of a sale process:

  • How to figure out which products can make profit for reselling
  • How to create your own sale pages that convert visitors into customers
  • All methods to drive traffic to your sale pages
  • How to process transactions from your website
  • Next step: Up-sell other products to your customers
  • Understanding the different types of reseller licenses
  • And much more 

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So, who Are Andy And Alex?

Andy Firth has been a full-time Internet marketer for the last 7 years. During that time, he developed his own products for affiliate marketing and email marketing. On the other hand, Alex Copeland has been one of those quiet ones, sitting behind the scenes of affiliate marketers for over a decade now, but in his offline life things haven’t been quite so quiet!

He has been involved in professional music & media industries for over 20 years as the lead singer of a pretty successful UK band, and also on TV music channels and featured in magazines.

This time, Andy has worked with Alex Copeland to together create a new product for reselling, which they truly believe is one of the best methods to start with if you want to make a full time income online.

What Is The Main Idea Behind This Product?

Everyone knows that the first way to get started making money online is reselling because of its various advantages over other business models. For example, you do not have to develop your own products, which means that there is no development cost incurred. And it offers you 100% of the profits that makes it much more interesting than affiliate marketing.

There are numerous products out there helping you manage the entire sales process so that you can add as many upsells to the funnel as you like. But there is one thing that prevents newbies from starting their own business: Experience.

It takes years to accumulate all the necessary knowledge and skills that you need to profit from reselling, and understandably those making all the money aren’t keen on sharing their secrets, so finding out how to set yourself up as a successful online reseller isn’t easy.

Therefore, Reseller’s Academy is developed to resolve that problem. Whatever niche you are in, there is a huge selection of different products out there that you can resell to make very healthy profits, and this course will show you exactly how to find them.

Potential items might include: Internet Marketing products, Health & Fitness products, Self Improvement products, Educational products, Software, and so on.

How Does It Cost?

OTO 1: Video Training ($14-$17 with 50% Commission)

10 extensive videos to accompany the training outlined in the eBook.

OTO 2: Advanced Video Case Study ($27 with 50% Commission)

A complete over-the-shoulder video case study showing exactly how to make $494.61 in less than a week by reselling a new product and using the exact techniques outlined in this course.

OTO3: Resell Rights Pack ($97 – Downsell: $47 with 50% Commission)

This license grants the purchaser resell rights over the Resellers Academy course, along with 12 other products. But the downsell does not include the 12 extra products.

Additional Benefit

Along with the full comprehensive training I mentioned above, users are also offered membership to the private Facebook group including top online marketers. For me, this is not a really outstanding bonus that I expect, but for those who just start their reselling projects, this can give them access to a valuable source of information.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Another surprising thing about this product is you can try it risk free for 30 days. And if you decide not to use it anymore, all you have to do is send a support ticket and get the full refund.


The Reseller’s Academy is certain a top quality, long overdue product, which is packed with a wealth of no-nonsense methods that anyone can put into actions. Although the prices are not so low, it is really worth it in my opinion.

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